Las Vegas For Free with myVEGAS Slots

Las Vegas For Free with myVEGAS Slots

If I told you that there was a game that you can play online that gets you free Las Vegas hotel rooms, buffets, shows and more, you'd think it was a scam.

I saw people posting about this game a few years ago, and thought the same.

Friends of mine were posting on Facebook about myVEGAS Slots, an online casino game where you can earn free Las Vegas buffets hotel rooms, and much more.

This had to be a scam.  After ignoring it for a few months, I got intrigued and started asking for people's feedback.

What I discovered was better than I could have imagined.

I started playing myVEGAS Slots on Facebook and found out that both the game was incredibly fun, and amazingly rewarding.  After playing for just 3 months, I went on my first comped Las Vegas trip, where I got 4 nights free in a Suite at the Mirage, $300 in Steakhouse credits, and $100 worth of Freeplay at the casino.  

Image of sample of myVEGAS rewards.
Just a small sample of what I've redeemed over the years.

So what is myVEGAS Slots?

myVEGAS Slots started out as a Facebook game, but eventually expanded to numerous mobile apps, including a mobile version of myVEGAS Slots, POP! Slots, my Konami Slots, and even myVEGAS Blackjack.

The goal of all these games are to earn myVEGAS Loyalty Points, which you can use to redeem actual Las Vegas rewards.  Get things as small as a monorail ticket, and as big as a 2 night stay in a 5 start hotel.

The premise of the Facebook game, as well as the mobile apps is pretty simple, get free myVEGAS chips, play slots and earn Loyalty points based on your bet and how long you play for.  The more you play, the more you earn.

myVEGAS Blackjack is the exception, where you play different variations of Blackjack to earn.

Each game is treated independently of each other, but all the Loyalty Points are combined, so playing all the games actually increases the rate you earn, and the rate you earn your free Las Vegas rewards.

How do I start playing myVEGAS Slots?

Start by setting up myVEGAS Slots on Facebook.  The game is pretty self explanatory.  You get chips through a variety of different methods, and use those chips to spin slots.  The more you bet and spin, the more loyalty points you earn.  From time to time, myVEGAS releases free chip links that add chips to your account.  Get a giant head start by grabbing all the myVEGAS free chips.

Once familiar with the game, download the rest of the apps on an IOS or Android mobile device.  After setting it all up, grab all the myVEGAS mobile free chips and start earning for your next Las Vegas trip right away.

In the end, myVEGAS Slots and the mobile apps are still just a game.  It's a very rewarding game, so enjoy yourself, have lots of fun, and save hundreds of dollars on your next Las Vegas vacation.


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